HR Audit & Organizational Consultancy

HR Audit & Organizational Consultancy

Our consultancy services are designed to assist our Clients to improve their employees’ quality, performance and motivation; to optimize the size and structure of the in-country organization; to ensure that employees understand and adapt to international business practices and to improve their own understanding of country and/or cultural specifics.

Our consultancy services include:

      • Advice and assistance of the Organization, including:
        • Human Resources Management System audit (processes audit)
        • Identification of organizational development needs
        • Development/Improvement of job descriptions, job analysis and organizational design
        • Development/Improvement of HR procedures, processes & KPIs
        • Implementation of changes to organizational design
        • On-line assessment of candidates for management, sales & operational positions
        • On-line 360 degrees feedback

      • Assistance in Human Resource policy, including:
        • Compensation policy design
        • Pay grid design and implementation

      • Assistance and support in cross-cultural adaptation and integration, including:
        • Advice on local laws, processes, attitudes and environment
        • Team-building exercises
        • Employee development programs
        • Employee motivation systems
        • Employee satisfaction surveys

TBS has developed two main products:

  Human Resources ( HR) Audit

  Manager Integration Process ( MIP)

The use of HR Audit in the organization

This product is designed to offer to the management a complete picture of the organization’s human resources position and the business operation. This evaluation process and its results prove their utility for various management decisions:

      • the development of a strategic plan to improve the state of the human resources situation within the company
      • when a new General Manager comes in the organization
      • when a client company is interested in buying or acquiring another company that is currently in business

If a company is interested in having a complete view of the status of human resources activities within the organization, the solution for receiving objective, qualitative information is the outsourcing of this project. Our team of professionals will use their experience and knowledge in offering you an accurate and comprehensive picture, within the shortest period of time.

The use of MIP ( Manager Integration Process ) in the organization

This product is designed to provide immediate integration of a person in a new supervisory or managerial position and to eliminate wasted time by the manager/supervisor and/or the staff member constituency in the department, unit, team, etc.

Results include clear communications and understandings among the two sides to come together and to jointly move toward productivity as quickly as possible and to provide commitment from both sides to come together defining potential problems and obstacles with suggestions for solutions and creating team efforts for success. MIP ensures that all staff members hear the same message at the same time, this eliminating miscommunication.

This product is useful in the following situations:

      • hiring of a new manager
      • internal promoting of a manager