Total Business Solutions was founded in 2000 and since then is the business partner for companies who wish to excel on the Romanian and European market. To this end, we offer a complete package of services, which places our client companies in the best position to dominate their chosen field of operation through maximizing the efficiency and effectiveness of their employees.

TBS provides professional services in the area of Human Resources, including:

The TBS consultants are profoundly aware of the ethical implications of working with human capital. We will mention here only the most important three principles that guide our activity:

arc-blue2THE FIRST PRINCIPLE of our work is confidentially – we respect the person’s trust in us (either client or employee), we ask only for the information relevant for the consultancy project and we use this information only for the purpose stated initially, according to the needs of the organization. We expect this standard to be applied also by our clients and employees.

arc-blueTHE SECOND PRINCIPLE is objectivity. We are helping the organization and the person in the same time, regardless of personal differences and intentions and we take into account the same objective criteria for all participants.

arc-blue3THE THIRD PRINCIPLE we apply in our work is the freedom of choice, for the employee and also for the client. We do not impose our will to either of them and we are true to our role of counseling them in their activity or development of the organization. We advice, but we do not impose the decision.


The experience and background of Total Business Solutions’ consultants would be of real and significant help for the current activity and future development of your company. One of our key strengths is our collaboration with specialized consultants from both Romania and abroad. We are equipped and prepared to meet short-advance-notice assignments; in our fast-paced business environment, the promptness and quality of our response to our clients’ needs is what make us substantially different.

In addition Total Business Solutions has experience in Green field/Start-ups

We are equipped and prepared to meet short-advance-notice assignments; in our fast-paced business environment, the promptness and quality of our response to our clients’ needs is what make us substantially different and superior.

Romania is rapidly developing as a new investment location for new production facilities. TBS has a proven track record of assisting foreign investors and companies to enter and/or to expand in the Romanian market through start-up and green-fields production units. We have been successful in finding top quality professionals (with university degrees) for all levels, from assistants up to and including top management.

As an experienced, comprehensive service company, TBS can assist your company and your staff to achieve an effective and efficient implementation of a start-up / green-fields strategy in Romania by our assistance and services in any or all of the following areas:

    • identification of potential green-field sites;
    • assessment of your local staffing and labour force requirements, and preparation of an organizational plan;
    • consultancy regarding HR issues in Romania and in line with international organizational structures (organigrams, JD’s, evaluations;
    • recruitment and executive search: search for, and presentation of, a full range of top quality candidates for each and every position, including specialists in your industry;
    • assistance to your expatriate staff to become familiar with business practices and customs in Romania;
    • a comprehensive introductory and training program for all new hires in order to assist you in a rapid and smooth start-up of operations, whereby your company’s objectives, expectations, and management and operational style can be effectively presented and communicated to your new hires to ensure maximum results;
    • organizational development and training;
    • establishment of salary indicators for each position in each field.

TSB has an top-quality track record across a wide range of business and industry clients for their HR and start-up needs in Romania, including consumer products, industrial products and services, banking, and other sectors. We can assist you with a high calibre service and top drawer results.